What are the Pros and Cons of a Wetroom?

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Luxury bathroom renovation with wetroom in Cobham

A wetroom can undeniably add a wow factor to your home giving it a stylish, contemporary look. The latest wetroom designs are fast becoming ‘must haves’ with home owners keen to introduce a sense of luxury to their newly renovated bathrooms. But, can we believe the hype? Here we weigh up the pros and cons to help you decide if a wetroom is suitable for your home.

The pros

1. A wetroom provides an accessible shower for children and those with mobility problems.

One of the biggest benefits when it comes to wetrooms is accessibility. For anyone who may have trouble getting in and out of the bath or shower, wetrooms can be a liberating, luxurious solution to bathing difficulties. With no shower tray, it’s simply a case of walking in and out, as a wetroom’s floor is level and slip-resistant throughout.

Disabled access bathroom & luxury wetroom in Oxshott

2. A wetroom is hugely practical.

Not only does a wetroom look fantastic in sleek, contemporary bathrooms, it’s also practical. For the simple fact that there is very little to a wetroom, meaning they are incredibly easy to clean.

3. A wetroom maximises your design opportunities

By removing the bath you are maximising your space and opening up the room. There is also no need for a bulky shower enclosure with doors that may intrude upon what little space you already have.

The available space can be transformed into something distinctly stylish that turns the necessity into a luxury. Wetrooms can be any size or shape and offer the option of using exciting new products, from exhilarating wide rainfall shower heads to showers that feature a variety of different water options, lights and even music. Why not speak to our design team about what’s possible?

Design-wise, contemporary wetrooms have the potential to be extraordinarily elegant and can complement the aesthetic of the modern home. Due to the minimalist nature of the design, wetrooms can feature varied materials such as wood, stone and concrete. Allowing your creativity to run wild.

4. A wetroom can increase the value of your home

A wetroom as a second bathroom is a feature which buyers are increasingly looking for.

“Adding a new bathroom to your home will add an extra 2.88% to the value of it, a wetroom is likely to add even more.”

suggests Phil Spencer, best known for Location, Location, Location.

Wetroom Designed & Installed in Thames Ditton by Bathroom Eleven

The cons

1. Everything could get very wet

The fact that the shower is no longer housed in something, it is somewhat inevitable that the whole room could get wet when in use. This can make it tricky to keep things like towels, toilet paper and any other soft furnishings dry. But don’t worry, we have some very clever design ideas to overcome this challenge. We will design the space so that everything doesn’t get soaked every time someone has a shower.

Wet room in Long Ditton - Bathroom Eleven


2. Wetrooms can get steamy and damp

Dampness in a wetroom can be a problem especially if your wetroom is small. However, you can easily overcome this with good ventilation and an extractor fan.  Wetrooms are designed to be completely waterproof. A process called ‘tanking’ is used, where all of the walls and floor are treated with a special tanking system and then tiled. This essentially creates a completely waterproof box ensuring any moisture won’t escape into the rest of the house.

3. Wetroom floors get wet and slippery

This is in fact a myth – a wetroom’s floor is level and special slip-resistant tiles are used throughout. This means that wetroom floors are actually safer than conventional bathroom floors.

We will be happy to advise you. We have completed a vast array of wetroom projects and are rapidly becoming the go-to specialists for wetroom design in Surrey and surrounding areas.

Why not speak to our designers to understand all the options and the perfect wetroom solution for your home? We will work with you to create a wetroom that reflects the rest of your home or a statement contrast in pattern, colour or texture.

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