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6 Amazing Tips for Bathroom Lighting.

If you’re thinking about designing the bathroom of your dreams, odds are that you have been looking through and saving endless images on Pinterest and Houzz searching for inspiration. Take a closer look at those images that have inspired you. You’re likely to have noticed, along with the beautiful tiles and impeccable execution; most of those bathrooms have solid well-rounded lighting schemes specified for them. This is the difference from those bathrooms that didn’t excite you enough to add to your inspiration board.

This proves lighting is far more important than people give it credit. It can easily make or break a space, and bathrooms are not an exception. In fact, bathrooms are one of the crucial areas within the home where you can exploit lighting schemes to the maximum to achieve the right feel. Thus transforming the experience you want to get from this space.

Here are 6 amazing bathroom lighting tips that our bathroom designers at Bathroom & Kitchen Eleven love using in our design process. And we’re sharing our knowledge with you.


1. Plan your Task & Mood Lighting

The first step when creating a cohesive and rounded lighting scheme for your bathroom, is to consider your layout and identify where your functional or task light is needed. Then, determine where you would like to experience mood lighting.

We recommend separating these two key areas on independent circuits. As this will give you flexibility to use the full range of lighting within the bathroom during busy periods; such as morning routines, a relaxing bath or shower in the evening or weekend, and low lighting for night-time visits to the bathroom.

Ensuite in Thames Ditton

2. Warm or Cool Lighting

There isn’t a right or wrong answer when it comes to Cool or Warm lighting. Cool lighting is often used in commercial spaces such as offices, as this imitates the natural morning light which send messages to our brains, informing us it is time to wake up and start the day. This effect is a good way to help the user feel energised and ready to face the day!

Whereas, warm colour tones in lighting resemble sunset colours, which subconsciously tells the brain to switch off and start winding down from a busy day; encouraging a good night’s sleep. Consider these effects when choosing your lighting. Not just in your bathrooms but throughout your entire home. You may be surprised how careful planning lifts and enhances your mood.

Warm or Cool Lighting

3. Use lighting to create a feature wall.

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, yet often not fully appreciated on how easy it is to implement! You can simply choose any type of tile with various levels of texture. However, it’s good to remember, when using spot lights on the ceiling to accentuate textured tiles, the closer the lights are placed to the wall, the more it will enhance the texture. See the image below showing just how 2 simple spots on a ceiling elevates the textured wall to a whole new level of luxury.

Use lighting to create a feature wall

4. Use recessed LED lighting in creative ways.

Once you have decided where you would like your mood lighting to be positioned, there are different ways to create the perfect lighting affect, that will enhance your bathroom.

Small recessed lights can be placed within shower recesses, recessed shelves above a WC, under a basin or even bath surrounds! The options are limitless when it comes to placing concealed lighting in your bathroom. See some of our examples below.

Bathroom Eleven - Minimalist master ensuite in Ockham Chevron fusion in ClaygateBathroom Eleven - wetroom in Ockham

5. Ceiling & Wall Lights

Wall and ceiling Lights are a powerful yet straightforward way to design a bathroom with interesting lighting schemes; they serve both functional and decorative purposes and are often much easier to install thus saving time and money with your electrician.

There are many new models coming on to the market offering more bathroom lighting options, allowing new and amazing designs to be implemented. So bathrooms needn’t use the same old-fashioned lights that were often used in the past. See some examples below that show both functional and more decorative takes on Bathroom Wall Lights – including in mirror surrounds.

Chevron fusion in Claygate Bathroom Eleven - Green oasis in Hampton Wick Black and copper bathroom - Surbiton

6. Layer the lighting features for a dynamic effect!

After exploring your options, it’s time to layer your lighting design! This is an intricate process, and you may benefit from a professional designer that has the knowledge and experience with lighting. This is so your design doesn’t end up laden down with unnecessary features. However, the concept is to use your light features to draw the eye across the room, in a way that creates accents in an understated and coherent journey which explores the space and marries all elements of the design together.

Layer the lighting features for a dynamic effect

We hope this guide has opened another door into the wonderful, and surprisingly complex world of hidden decisions you need to be aware of, when creating the bathroom of your dreams.

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