How to spot a high-end bathroom company in Surrey

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What to ask a bathroom designer - Design Studio in Surrey

How do you know if the bathroom design you fall in love with will ACTUALLY turn into the beautiful, high-end finished sanctuary you are imagining?

The idea is that you can use these questions when talking to bathroom companies in Surrey about your project. What’s great is that we have included some important details to look out for. Making sure you get that high-quality, high-end and luxurious bathroom you deserve.


How experienced is your designer?

Multiple bathroom showrooms recruit salespeople who are trained at a basic level to specify bathroom designs. However, if you are looking for the best design solution for your project, you would expect a Designer trained professionally and/or has experience designing bathrooms for at least 3-4 years.

Will your designer be involved during the installation of my new bathroom?

If you are genuinely looking for and expecting a high-end bathroom, you should be looking for a company that offers designers who are fully involved in the design process as well as the installation process. This way, ensuring that your design is executed as planned.

Does your designer have the technical knowledge of how a bathroom is installed in real life?

You want a designer who has a certain level of experience on site. Designers who only have knowledge designing and specifying details on paper, won’t be able to understand bespoke details that need to be constructed for your design to work in real life. This can affect costs, time scale and the final end results.


Who installs your bathrooms?

For a High-End Service, a company needs to be prepared to respond to any issues that might crop up during the installation, while also provide guarantees on the quality of their work. So look for companies that have a well-established team of fitters rather than those that pass on the installation work to outside subcontractors.

What is your aftercare policy?

This is a very important question to ask; because you can distinguish the quality of the service provided by a company, by measuring how committed they are in making sure that you, as a customer, and the project are treated past the installation phase. Most importantly, all parts of their installation and products should be protected from any issues that might occur in the future.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Going with the same theme of figuring out how serious a company is and how committed they are to you as their client. The coverage of their guarantees shows how confident they are with their work and how important it is to provide you with the security that they will respond to any issues in the future to get them solved.

How much typically are your installations?

The Company or Studio that offers you a High-End Service should know what their starting prices are for a bathroom project. They should have so much experience that they will be able to confidently tell you what the starting prices come in at. Of course, any detailed prices are going to depend on your particular project.

Do you have a project Manager?

OK, so bathrooms are not as extensive and complicated as a loft extension or building a house. However, you do want to make sure that there is a project leader organising everything behind the scenes and liaising between fitters, suppliers and the designer to ensure that everything is well taken care of.
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What brands do you work with?

A great company should be able to provide you with the a variety of brands and products to truly create a design that responds to your brief, therefore, big brands do matter. This comes from a point of view that bigger brands tend to have better technical support, better guarantees and spare parts readily available. So make sure that the company you want to work with provides these options. Among the biggest brands in bathrooms you will find are;

BetteBisqueCrosswaterGSIHansgroheMatkiPorcelanosaRocaVado & Zucchetti.

Can you supply bespoke products?

Apart from providing big brands, a company that specialises in high-end bathrooms should be able to offer any bespoke options for showers, furniture, surfaces and finishes; to really create that personal and unique touch in your design.

Will I be able to stipulate a specific date for delivery?

Being able to specify deliveries on specific dates is a huge advantage. This ensures you are in power of organising when is most convenient for you, and able to time appropriately if you have a fitter on site ready to get started with the installation.


Will you be able to provide multiple references from previous customers?

The company or studio you are dealing should not be afraid to put you in contact with previous clients to tell you their experience, who are happy to make recommendations. This is a strong sign that the company has confidence in their work and is in a good relationship with all their customers.

Do you provide a complete solution?

It is preferable that the company who’s doing your bathroom project has the resources and has the experience of providing a full service, even if you are only looking for only one of the services.

Are you Houzz registered?

Houzz is an amazing tool for clients to find inspiration and designer professionals; where they exchange ideas and showcase their work. Only serious businesses are shown in this platform. So, if the company you want to work with is shown in Houzz, that is always a good sign.

Do you have a showroom?

It’s very important the designer or company working together with you to create a high-end bathroom has space where you can compare products, see samples and discuss designs. Many companies provide amazing ideas and designs, but if you can’t see the whole proposals put together with samples and compare products and alternatives, then you will never be able to make educated decisions in regards to your project.

How do you ensure quality throughout the project?

A well-established company that provides a superb service, should be able to provide you with a breakdown of the measures they take to make sure a job is executed brilliantly from start to finish. If you ask your company and they don’t have a system in place to ensure the project runs smoothly and is executed to perfection, keep looking until you find one that is better prepared.

What budgets do you typically work with?

As mentioned above, an experienced business should be able to tell you transparently what their starting prices are, to create one of their bathrooms. This will establish realistic expectations about your overall budget; depending on what products you choose and how many bespoke features you add. Then you’ll know how much your budget can increase by.

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Written by Johanna Flores – Designer @ Bathroom Eleven

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