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With over twenty years in the industry, our Director, Ben Setterfield has been creating luxury bathrooms across Surrey and South West London for the last two decades. Today he leads our trusted team, all driven by design and each committed to delivering extraordinary bathrooms for everyday living.

At Bathroom Eleven we’ve fitted over 1,500 bathrooms (big and small) as well as wetrooms for our clients. With each project we undertake, we promise a professional service and pride ourselves on careful craftsmanship and the highest attention to detail.

Ben Setterfield - Bathroom Eleven Director

Ben Setterfield

Our team

Friendly and happy to help in whatever way possible, our team will ensure your experience working with Bathroom Eleven is perfect. We really are bathroom obsessed; from the tiny design details to the overall look and functionality, we’ll make sure everything is thoughtfully considered.

Bathroom Designer

Alex Gibbs

Adam Wollerton - Bathroom Eleven

Adam Wollerton
Design Manager

Jozef Sreiner - Bathroom Eleven

Jozef Sreiner
Logistics Manager

Shannon Laughlin - Bathroom Eleven

Shannon Laughlin
Office Manager

Our values



Openness, Honesty and Accountability.



Delivering on the Bathroom Eleven promise.



We respond to any situation in a positive, timely and can-do manner.



We work to the highest quality standard with passion and always with a smile.

team spirit


We embrace each other as individuals and harmonise as a team.

Bathroom Eleven showroom front

Where you can find us

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