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With over twenty years in the industry, our Director, Ben Setterfield has been creating beautiful bathrooms across Surrey and South West London for the last two decades. Today he leads our trusted team, all driven by design and each committed to delivering extraordinary bathrooms for everyday living.

At Bathroom Eleven we’ve fitted over 750 bathrooms (big and small) as well as wetrooms for our clients. With each project we undertake, we promise a professional service and pride ourselves on careful craftsmanship and the highest attention to detail.

Our team

Friendly and happy to help in whatever way possible, our team will ensure your experience working with Bathroom Eleven is perfect. And we really are bathroom obsessed; from the tiny design details to the overall look and functionality, we’ll make sure everything is thoughtfully considered.

Bathroom Eleven genuinely cares about the people that trust us with their bathroom project and the staff who work hard to achieve the best service, I want the best experience for both!

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Ben Setterfield


A good designer can transform your bathroom into a space that really works for you in all aspects. I love combining design with practicality and functionality to create a space that you not only love to look at, but enjoy living in every day.

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Adam Wollerton

Design Manager

Designing a bathroom is much more than specifying pretty products that fit in a space; you have to understand how the client uses this space on a daily basis in order to specify the best products functionally and aesthetically.

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Karolina Dambrauskaite


There is nothing more satisfying than creating a bespoke design which responds to a client’s brief. Then watching the transformation from old to new. It’s exciting to realise someone’s dream space through design.

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Ryan Waugh


There is nothing more satisfying than a job that runs smoothly and problem free, so we check and plan ahead to make sure that this is always the case!

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Jozef Sreiner

Logistics Manager

There is a different challenge each day to make sure that all the orders are delivered on time and in perfect condition, so I always need to be at my best to multitask all of the orders and keep our customers really happy.

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Ahmed Fayed

Delivery Driver

My role as office support is made more satisfying when working with talented designers and dedicated team members, it really is a pleasure coming to work.

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Shannon Laughlin

Office Manager

Our values



We’re here to work with you; the design process is collaborative to ensure you’re perfect bathroom becomes a reality.



With every single project our team of experts will be full of enthusiasm and innovative ideas so that your bathroom design is a balance of both style and substance.



From initial ideas to installation, we promise excellence in design, quality and service every step of the way.



Not only does diversity within our designs excite us, but having a team that brings together varied perspectives means we always have fresh eyes to approach every project.

team spirit

Team spirit

Our small but perfectly formed team is in it together for the long-term. This isn’t a job for us, it’s a career choice in which we each get to do what we love every day.



We’re committed to making your everyday bathroom extraordinary.


Where you can find us

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