Unique Kitchen design

Your kitchen designer’s priority is to achieve the best possible kitchen without being compromised by brands.

3D or CGI Representations

We know that it is not always easy to visualise from 2D plans, and it is important to us that you understand the design proposed to you. Which is why we offer 3D realistic, colour representation of what’s to come. Here are some examples…

Bathroom Eleven - Kitchen studio showroom


Bathroom & Kitchen Eleven - Kitchen - Surbiton (43)


Bathroom +Kitchen Eleven - 3D design of handmade kitchen in Surbiton


The Crest 48-min


Bathroom + Kitchen Eleven - Vanessa

Having designed kitchens and various other items of joinery for over 22 years, I find it rewarding to attain the full potential of a room. Designing a space that works both practically and aesthetically for the individual or family. Making this a reality for the homeowner is a passion of mine.