Our Environment and Local Community

We are trying to reduce our impact on the planet and support our local community. As a small business our efforts may not seem to make a huge difference. However, all things start off small and collectively make an enormous impact.

Take Greta Thunberg, the Swedish environmental activist who, in August 2018,  sat alone outside the Swedish Parliament protesting against the lack of action on the climate crisis. Fast forward a year, she has 1.7 million twitter followers. Moreover, millions of people around the world stand with her in protest rallies.

Here are a few things we are doing to reduce our impact on the environment and also help our local community.


In an effort to reduce our reliance of single use plastics, we signed up with Homethings (as seen on Dragons Den) for all our cleaning products, from the office to photoshoots of our projects. Regular cleaning sprays are 90% water – these are weighty and add to CO2 emissions when transported. The Homethings tablets are also non-toxic. Simply add one to a reusable spray bottle and add water!


If you would like to sign up, use this link to get £5 off your first order.

Harrisons Fund logo

We support Harrison’s Fund – which is a non-profit charity trying to raise as much money as possible to put into the hands of the world’s best researchers, who are working to find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a stinker of a disease. It’s the most common fatal genetic disorder to affect children around the world. Those with it, can’t produce dystrophin; a protein required to build up muscles. As a result, every muscle in the body deteriorates. Right now, there is no cure.

If you would like to join us in helping to support Harrison’s Fund please go to their website and check out exciting events they are doing or donate here


We now offer our clients sparkling water without the plastic – because Planet Earth needs less waste and more sparkle.

By using a reusable SodaStream carbonating bottle, we can save up to 1,282 single use plastic bottles from our planet per year.

Pine tree

All our computers are set up to print double sided. So, when we need to print, we save approx. 10,000 sheets of paper per year.  Which is equal to one standard pine tree (with a 45ft usable trunk and a diameter of eight inches). While this is only saving one tree per year; if every company, school, organisation or individual printed double sided in the UK alone, we could save a forest! Simple but effective – not only that, it’s cost saving too!

In the last 40 years, paper usage has grown 400%. This means that over two million trees are felled every day for global paper consumption, that’s four billion trees cut every year to serve our paper needs. When you consider this, it makes you question whether that document is really worth printing. Statistics provided by Ribble.

Toilet twinning

By twinning your toilet, you help fund a project in a poor community that will enable families to build a basic toilet, have access to clean water and learn about hygiene – a vital combination that saves lives.

That is why we have twinned our WC – you can find ours at Kabaya, North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Latitude: -1.34037 Longitude: 29.40133

Why not twin your stylish new WC from Bathroom Eleven at Toilet Twinning.


We offer our clients a scrumptious Nespresso coffee – not only are they delicious but they are sustainable too.

They use aluminium for the capsules protecting the coffee to ensure we get the freshest cup of quality coffee every time. It provides the best protection against oxygen, light and humidity, which can really affect taste.

Aluminium is also 100 percent and infinitely recyclable, meaning Nespresso coffee capsules start as and become new aluminium products once recycled.

Plastic lids

We collect our milk bottle (and other) tops and drop them off at a Lush store. Who then whisk them away to a Green Hub in Poole where they’re broken down into pellets ready to be sent to Storm Board – a company in Somerset that builds boards from the plastic pellets. Bottle Boards can then be made into waterproof furniture – from wall cladding to chairs and benches. Watch how they do it here.


We believe it is important to support the local community. Which is why we donate prizes to local schools, such as Long Ditton St. Mary’s C of E, Long Ditton Infant & Nursery School and Thames Ditton Infant School. So they can raise money for the schools at local events and village Fairs.


Continuing on from supporting our Local Community. We sponsor the Colts (children from age 6 – 18 with over 50 junior teams) at Surbiton Hockey Club. We have also installed a water Fountain near the pitch, supporting JointhePipe foundation. Helping to reduce the use of single plastic bottles by giving away our own bio-friendly reusable plastic bottles.

They welcome all to come and watch the matches. Check out the latest matches here.

Unpapper Towels

For the comfort of our visitors, we provide non-paper hand towels from Marley’s Monsters. Hygienic, soft and environmentally friendly (they are made from 100% cotton).

If you would like to add these to your cloakroom or bathroom visit Peace with the Wild.

Loofco Washing up pad

Bye bye plastic sponges! Did you know the average washing up sponge is made up of polyurethane, a petroleum-based ingredient. Essentially, conventional sponges are made from oil-based plastics. Not only that, but they harbour MORE bacteria than natural sponges. According to a recent study published in the distinguished scientific journal Nature, there are up to forty-five billion microbes per square centimetre on a kitchen sponge. That is reportedly more bacteria than you’ll find in your bathroom – all because of a man-made sponge!

This is why we have swapped our plastic kitchen sponge for a 100% natural Loofah! They are made from sustainable plant fibres of loofah plant and coconut, which are renewable materials that absorb CO2 when growing. The pad is 100% biodegradable and compostable at end of life.

You can get them, and many other environmentally friendly products for the kitchen & bathroom from Peace with the Wild.

Refill logo

We have joined the Refill campaign. You can bring in your reusable water bottle and refill from our kitchen tap.

In the UK, fewer than 30% of people refill their reusable water bottles, despite the UK having some of the best quality tap water in the world! 

The average person in the UK will use 150 plastic water bottles per year. If just one in ten Brits refilled once a week, we’d have 340 million fewer plastic bottles a year in circulation!

Refill not only makes refilling a reusable water bottle easy, but it saves you money too. The campaign aims to stop millions of single-use plastic bottles being bought, in turn helping to prevent plastic pollution from entering our rivers and sea. 

There’s simply no need to buy bottled water.

Dogs welcome

We also have a water bowl outside our showroom for our canine lovers out there, and our clients are more than welcome to bring their dogs to Design Consultations.

We even have our own resident pooch – an Italian Greyhound called Moose!

Crisp recycling scheme

The Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme

Walkers® offers a simple and free crisp packet recycling scheme, which accepts all brands.

This is now the largest and fastest-growing scheme of its type in the UK, with more than 1,600 public drop-off locations nationwide. In fact, there is a public drop-off location within 4 miles of 80% of UK households.

After collecting a good amount of crisp packets we take our bundle to The Big Yellow Storage. You can find your nearest drop off location here.


Bulb logo


We have signed up with bulb for our energy company. They are a 100% renewable electricity provider. We have lowered our carbon footprint by 586 tonnes of CO2 this year. Why not check them out to easily reduce your carbon footprint too?

Light bulb icon white