Bathroom Trends of 2018: Navy & Metallics

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Bathroom Eleven - Mood Board

One of the most popular trends that keep popping up in magazines and blogs is the use of metallic finishes combined with navy blue within interiors.

You’ll find this combination scattered over different concepts from bedrooms, living rooms to hallways. Each one cleverly created by mixing all sorts of elements such as sofas, textiles, rugs, lighting fixtures and wallpaper etc.

However, there is one room where it’s harder to implement this style. A question often posed is ‘How can I make this trend work in my bathroom project?’ This is a room where fixtures are permanent and space for mixing accessories and wall art is often limited. This post will offer tips on how to make this look work. Moreover, it’ll show you where to get started. Above is a clear and concise Inspiration board from one of our projects; which displays how to make this trend work perfectly for Bathrooms.

We will deconstruct this trend in a few solid notes, offering advice to make it work for your bathroom. Here is a concise list on how to transform your bathroom following this trend with a flexible approach.

1. Use neutral tiles and explore painted walls and wallpaper

The bathroom is one room in the house where you must commit a bit more permanently. As tiles and taps can’t be easily changed. Therefore, a good way to work with this trend yet still use tiles that will be versatile as times goes by, is to use tiles inspired by natural stone. Use colour for non-tiled walls, as this is easy to update; opt for colours such as a deep rich navy blue like the one from Little Green called “Hick’s Blue”.

Dark blue angled tiles - trend

Another alternative to painted walls is to use wallpaper in a dark navy colour such as the Ferm living’s “Lines Wallpaper” in Dark Blue (see image below). This is the perfect wallpaper to use in a cloakroom or a small en-suite to embrace the navy and metallic trend but still have the flexibility to change it anytime your tastes change.

2. All the metallic finishes are beautiful now, but which are the best finishes for bathrooms?

A misconception about metallic finishes in a bathroom is that they will date quickly and the investment you are making in beautiful taps will go to waste as soon as the trends fade. If you want to play it a bit safe but still want to have fun with this trend, my recommendation is to stick to brassware in brushed steel or brushed nickel finishes. These finishes have been used for bathroom taps since the 80’s and to this date, they have never stopped looking amazing. See below for an example of contemporary Brushed Nickel Taps from Axor Montreux.

Axor brushed nickel

On the other hand, if you have the same passion I have about brass and bronze finishes, don’t hold back! The trick is finding a tap that follows very simple lines in design so even though it has a different finish, the design and shape remain simple so it endures the test of time. Here is an example of this with the Vado Individual Range in brushed gold.

Vado brushed gold taps and mixers

3. You can mix metallic finishes in a bathroom

For this trend to work in a bathroom, you need to show flexibility when allowing different metallic finishes in the same room. Many people are petrified of the idea of mismatching metallic finishes and don’t get me wrong, in a minimalist and symmetrical design the beauty of matching small details really pays off. However, that is not what this trend is about, here you have the freedom to do things differently.

We are not proposing complete chaos here! If you apply a certain order and thoughtfulness, mixing metallic finishes can add more character to a room. I’d recommend consistency so the brassware (bath, shower and basin mixers) match. However, accessories, light fittings and shower door details could belong to a different metal. See the image below where the designer has made this work in an effective way.

Mixed metals trends for bathrooms

4. Every accessory is an opportunity reinforce the style of your bathroom

How to decorate a bathroom is a whole new post entirely. For this post, what is important is to keep in mind the space you are working with. If you are working with a small space there won’t be room in the bathroom where you can use a rug, chair or a cushion to enhance the style. Therefore, when choosing which decorative items to display in your bathroom, it is extremely important for this trend to embrace the metallic finish. Be it a plant pot, colour towels or a dynamic fabric pattern for a blind. Maybe a large picture or poster that adds to the design and perhaps big bulky candles in navy with a metallic candle holder and boom! You have completed your look!

Trends showing Dark Navy and Metallic Mood board

We always encourage our clients to inject some of their personality into a space that used to be regarded as a utilitarian space in the house, but which is now taking the same importance in interiors as other rooms of the house. So hopefully this post has inspired you to diversify your new bathroom project and give you courage to follow this beautiful trend!

Thank you for reading our blog. Let us know what you think about it, maybe you have some useful notes to share too? Let’s start a discussion and inspire each other!

Stay tuned for next month’s post. We are expanding our advice and case studies on wetrooms, as they are proving more and more popular, with a greater demand from consumers wanting to know more about them!

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