Beautiful Master Marble Bathroom in Esher

  • Location Esher
  • Timescale 5 weeks

Our client came to us with a dated 90’s bathroom that although didn’t lack in elegant touches, was outdated and needed a bigger shower, contemporary fixings and a showstopper look, mixed with calming colour tones to provide a relaxing heaven for this lovely couple.


Categories: Design, Supply, Installation

The process

  • before

  • plans

  • after

A bigger space

We knocked through a couple of walls to open up the room and create the bigger shower with Wetroom.

Bathroom Eleven - Luxury Mosaic Master Bathroom

Calming Ambience

The white colour scheme highlighted the marble and brightened the room.


Accented areas

Finishing touches of mirrors and lighting created accents in the room to create a monochrome but dynamic space.

Bathroom Eleven - Luxury Mosaic Master Bathroom
Light bulb icon white


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