Unconventional shaped en-suite in Thames Ditton

  • Location Thames Ditton
  • Timescale 4 weeks

This unconventional shaped en-suite was brought to us by our clients in Thames Ditton. With two doors in the room, angled steps and multi shaped windows,  this room required a great deal of consideration.

The room was long but didn’t offer a great deal of width. The layout of the windows and sloping ceiling, limited the options of where the shower could sit. Therefore, the crucial element was to have a minimal shower surround; to allow the eye to travel through to the end of the room – creating an illusion of space.

The original set up of this unconventional shaped en-suite, had a small basin opposite the steps and quite a bit of space between the small enclosed shower and the WC. This layout was wasting valuable and much needed usable space. Furthermore, the dark colours sucked out the light creating a gloomy feel to the room.

We built out the end wall to house the WC cistern – hiding the ugly pipes while also creating a shelf, ideal for scented candles or plants. We fitted a wide wall hung basin where once the space was under utilised. This not only offered a practical use of space but also gave the area some purpose. We kept the shower in the same place. However, by using a minimalist shower frame and low shower tray, it was as if the shower was not there. With the changes implemented, this unconventional shaped en-suite offered a space for an extra dressing area. With a bespoke Corian worktop, large mirror and stool this adds a beautiful yet practical dimension to the room.

The neutral colour pallet adds a warmth as do the different textures found on the floor, wall and units. Adding recesses also adds practical solutions and a spa quality to the design.

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The process

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Our choice of Bathroom Eleven was based on a recommendation from a friend. We wanted a complete renovation of our family and en-suite bathrooms.
Bathroom Eleven provided a complete high quality design to installation service, which exceeded our expectations. All the tradesmen worked to a very high standard to deliver two beautiful bathrooms. The transformation is outstanding.

5* review left on Google by client - Thames Ditton

Recessed shelf created within the shower area for shower bottles and to help dress the room with succulents

Recessed shower shelf

We laid bespoke Corian on the steps to tie the look together

Bespoke corian steps

We created a dressing and make up area, using a bespoke Corian counter which complement the steps. Using a different texture on one wall to add interest while also tying in with the recessed shower shelf

Bespoke corian counter
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