Cuban flair for a family bathroom in Surbiton

  • Location Surbiton
  • Timescale 5 weeks

 We designed this Cuban inspired family bathroom, by completely reconfiguring the layout. Incorporating a separate shower, where before there wasn’t one.

By moving the bath from the corner of the room, to a central position under the eaves, we created a focal point for the room. The Ashton Bentley bath creates a stunning contrast to the back drop of Cuban tiles.

This created a spacious area for the walk-in shower with recessed shelves. With a black frame picking up the darker elements in the design, while framing the soft  louvre tiles. By positioning the basin against a full height wall, we were able to create an area with extra storage with a mirror cabinet over the Dansani basin unit. This is framed with the Cuban tiles by Ca ‘Pietra. This makes the area user friendly and creates a better balance for a busy family bathroom.

For the floor, we used engineered wood, adding a warmth to the room. The country oak finish adds a contrast to the white bath while working harmoniously with the basin unit.

We finished the design with nickel brassware and black accents, both tying in with the imperfect Cuban style tiles, which offer a handmade, dappled effect.



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The process

  • before

  • 3d

  • after

The slope of the ceiling, originally came out into the room, making it feel closed in. We placed the bath where the built in basin was, allowing for more floor area to be visible. Instantly creating the illusion of more space.

Bathroom & Kitchen Eleven - Family bathroom - Surbiton

By moving the bath where the basin was, we allowed extra storage for the basin with a mirror cabinet, and were able to put a separate shower in the corner of the room, where the bath once was. Utilising the slopes to an area where you are not needed to stand.

Bathroom & Kitchen Eleven - Family bathroom - Surbiton Cuban tile

Layering light to show off the Cuban inspired tiles, helps create a spa finish, while adding an extra dimension to the design.

Bathroom & Kitchen Eleven - Family Cuban bathroom - Surbiton recess
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