Mexican Flair Bathroom Design Trend

Mexican Flair in Interiors

Mexican Flair trend for the home has taken off within interiors for 2018; with emphasis on bright colours, cultural characters, bold patterns and rich textures. In recent years the design world has been dominated by slick lines and contemporary designs. However, the appetite for bold colours has made the Mexican Flair very appealing.

With a growing desire for warmth in our homes, implementing colours and textures is an excellent way to achieve this. Furthermore, by adding luxury handcrafted objects and fabrics, you can create depth and character to your design. One of the biggest influences in this style is often seen in paintings by Frida Kahlo; the matron of modern Mexican art. Relevant today as ever before. In particular as a model of feminism, culture and art. Perfect for creative souls!

A direct cousin of the popular Maximalism and Bohemian Styles, this look is the antidote to Minimalism. Despite this rich and captivating style being sought by many, it can be a bit of a minefield to achieve a Mexican Flair Style successfully. This post is designed for creative individuals looking to explore this style and achieve a coherent yet exciting scheme for their bathrooms!

How to successfully translate this trend for a bathroom.


Main colours: Electric Blue, sunflower yellow, fuchsia, turquoise, orange and green in their brightest and richest versions are the most popular. This doesn’t mean you have to use them all. Perhaps start by using two to three colours that resonate with you the most!

Mexican Flair TrendColour blocking: Use these colours and layer them in a large area. Using the effect of contrast to break up a space.

Layering patterns and colours:

On top of the colours, an important part of creating this style is to layer at least one pattern surface on top of your chosen colours. This Pattern can come from a tropical or colourful wallpaper, fabrics and/or patterned tiles.

Mexican Flair Trend - colours

  1. Pattern Tiles: The beauty of using patterned tiles in your design, is the easy yet effective way they implement the patterned surface in a practical way. You will be spoilt for choice, as the market is flooded with many colourful options! Choose from geometrical patterns for a contemporary twist and organic shapes for a more traditional effect. Use colours that complement your scheme or monochromes if you’re looking to tone down the number of colours used within the room.Pattern Tiles Ca pietra
  2. Textiles: Weave designs are your best friend when it comes to choosing a fabric or design for your curtains and towels. You can add lots of different patterns in a stack of towels be it bold or fine patterns mixed together or just one design. Same goes for colour choices; mix it or use the same colour to make a real pop!Moodboard of Mexican Flair
  3. Vegetation: Plants will bring your design to life when chosen well. With succulents and cacti being the predominant choice. However, if you prefer a plant with more foliage opt for Peace lilies and Azaleas. It can often be difficult to dedicate space for plants in a bathroom, particularly if you have limited space. If you have the wall space, you could hang some trendy posters with tropical prints on them. Check out our previous post about how to bring the outdoors indoors for inspiration! Bathroom Eleven Bathroom foliage
  4. Example: We have put together a 3D design that combines the different concepts we have been talking about. For this design we used turquoise, blue and pink as our base colours, then started building from there.Moodboard of Mexican Flair Bathroom

The Turquoise serves as a background colour for the featured wall. A layer of blue has been added over the turquoise with accent elements of pink adding a bold contrast. Adding plants give a natural touch while complimenting the feature wall and tying the look together.

View of Mexican Flair style bathroom

A punchy Patterned tile on the floor made absolute sense for this design. We chose a range from Ca’Pietra called Aruba; with a vast array of patterned tiles to choose from, your options are endless! To create a layered pattern in a bigger scale we used Lemur Wallpaper in Turquoise by Laura Allen, which shows off the fabulous fuchsia painted Bath by BC Designs. To complete the look, add accessories, textured surfaces and perhaps a portrait of Frida! Finally, a touch of luxury has been implemented with brushed gold brassware from Vado.

Moodboard for Mexican Flair

We hope you have enjoyed this post, and hopefully it has helped you be perhaps a little bolder and creative with your designs. It has been a lot of fun thinking outside the box and pushing the boundaries with colours and patterns. Let us know what you think; is this a style you could see in your home, or perhaps you prefer a serene approach for your bathroom project?

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