Warm Winter Ideas for your Bathroom Design Project

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As cooler nights and crisper mornings are upon us. It’s important to start or end your day in the right mindset. Over the past few months, we’ve seen the rise in popularity of warm tones once again, and it seems to be snowballing! Here are some top tips on how to give your bathroom that warm feeling this winter, let’s start 2024 off right.


Brushed Metals

Brushed Metals are remaining a strong favourite in bathroom design. Notably, brushed bronze, nickel and brass are still topping the wish list when our clients visit our design studio. Beautifully radiant in texture and tone, these brassware finishes layer warmth into many colour combinations. If you’re leaning towards Scandinavian vibes for your new bathroom, nickel and brass can add that Luxe element to elevate your designs. Want deeper or richer tones? Then consider brushed bronze. You will notice that bronze can lean one of two ways depending on manufacturer. They are either on the redder side of the colour palette, teaming beautifully with white stones, light woods, or teals. Or, towards an almost aged brass appearance, which lends itself elegantly to traditional or classic settings – particular with warm marble tones, such as Calacatta Gold.

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Oaken Tones

Wood effect tiles and wood veneer vanity units, are a tactile and softer way to weave warmth into a design. In recent years, there has been a trend to radiate towards grey as the interior design ‘go to’. Oak elements have helped to balance these cooler tones. Recently however, Scandinavian influence has given rise to movements known as “Scandi-Luxe and Japandi”; These often feature light woods, golden oaks, or whitewashed sandy textures. Setting a warmer backdrop to home design. This has resulted in brands releasing wider choices of lighter and warmer wood finishes. From tiles, furniture and accessories – such as a wood framed mirrors. If you love a natural stone look, or perhaps you still prefer the light grey finishes for your home, then consider using oak and light wood tones to add warmth to your design.

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Colour Infusion – Green and Terracotta

The spectrum of colour is forever changing with trends. However, there are firm favourites that are fast becoming classics and a must in bathroom design. Along with the championed blue hues, nature has been a huge inspiration, with many of us wanting to bring the outdoors into our homes, particularly after living through the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, greens and warmer wood textures have become a firm favourite for bathroom designers and homeowners. The upside of green versus blue, is its naturally warming effects. Blue with its cooler undertone, brings thoughts the ocean. Meanwhile, green creates warmth in a design. Furniture and patterns with a green theme, can add that embracing hug to a design.

On the opposite side of the colour spectrum, is another very trendy tone of the moment; With earthy tones and uplifting effects, Terracotta is proving a very popular addition to both bathroom and kitchen design. Whether using natural terracotta (if you don’t mind a little upkeep to have the real deal in your home) or through a paint colour or pattern. It is a simple way to layer in a warming vibe to your space.

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Organic Shapes

This may seem an odd suggestion, but the use of curved shapes, or even better, slightly imperfect natural shapes, always provokes a natural feel to a space, leading to positive effect on designs in general. This is due to curved and irregular shapes naturally occurring in nature. In turn, where sharp or square shapes lend themselves to super modern designs. Curves , whether it be fittings, furniture, ceramics or tile, help to soften a bathroom design, giving an embracing feel – and therefore a psychologically warming effect.

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Layered Lighting

Don’t underestimate the effects of a cleverly thought out lighting scheme! Keeping in mind the temperature of the light, focussing on daylight or warmer toned light bulbs for your fittings, will give you an overall glow of warmth. Additionally, layered lighting for a softer look is important. Keeping in mind what lighting you require for your practical every day tasks, but also how you would like the space to feel to indulge in a relaxing bath or shower at night.

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Lastly, the obvious way to warm your space is with a radiator or underfloor heating.

One big tip, quartz finish or powder coated towel radiators often emit around a third more heat than chrome or metal finish radiators. If you’re looking for a shiny finish, opt for a stainless steel radiator rather than chrome. Checking the BTU your room requires will help you chose the right radiator for your size room, to keep the chill out of the space!

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