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Using Gold and Brass in your beautiful bathroom

As we weave our way through 2019, adding the Midas touch to bathrooms continues to remain a popular choice. Implementing this look with taps, tiles and shower enclosures; the gold finger has touched every aspect of bathrooms. Allowing designers and homeowners to achieve a coherent use of this special finish.

Ask any bathroom designer and they will tell you the biggest bug-bear when using a special finish; that is, anything other than standard chrome –  is the difficulty in sourcing products that allow a particular finish to be carried through from taps, showers to radiators – and even when that is possible, it’s tricky to match the smaller bathroom components that also require the finish. Such as flush buttons, basin & bath wastes, bottle traps, accessories etc. There are many components to a bathroom that, as a designer, we must bear in mind when suggesting the use of gold, brass or any other special finish.

Thankfully, due to the rise in popularity of the gold and brass trend, these products are now available. Allowing luxury bathroom suppliers to create amazing and beautiful designs for our clients. Here are just some of our favourite products with the Midas touch that we have been creating here at Bathroom & Kitchen Eleven – feel free to ask us how to achieve this look in your bathroom with an initial consultation with one of our Design Team!



As showcased in our above project, we used one of our favourite brands – VADO, adding a warm glow to this neutral white/grey palette. The depth of the gold characteristics lifts the whole room adding opulence and emanating warmth with a classic/contemporary twist. Whilst the roundness in shape across all the brass-ware softness the squarer shaker style vanity.

Whether you’re looking to make your room a chic contemporary hotel en-suite or a lavish classical boutique; there are many offerings in shape and style to complement any design. As designers, we will walk you through the options.

Axor, another one of our favourite brass-ware brands gives an edgier look to bathrooms. So, if you’re looking for something a bit more unique in design the angular style of the Citterio E is a perfect choice.

Axor Citterio E basin tap - gold

The final consideration when choosing brass-ware, is to understand what exact blend, colour and finish is required to achieve your desired outcome. It isn’t as simple as choosing gold, brass or rose; there are other considerations such as deciding on a polished or brushed finish. Additionally, you need to deliberate whether your bathroom needs a yellow gold or a slightly less bright brass feel; in which case perhaps a red gold option would work better in your design – particularly if your desired tiles require a richer heat than the yellow of gold or brass offers.

Baths and Showers

Although it may seem like there aren’t many considerations when it comes to your bath or shower, it can be the little details, such as bath grips or shower enclosure handles that are predominately in chrome that clash against the golden elements in your bathroom.

These may seem minor details but they do make a huge difference to the completed look and as designers, they are at the forefront of our mind. By using brands such as Bette with bath grips available in white or brands such as VADO and AXOR that offer us brass and gold finishes on bath wastes/plugs, we can ensure that even the finer details are in the right finish.

When it comes to your shower enclosure or walk in panel, there is a perfect opportunity to capture the elegance of the gold and brass finishes. Through our favoured brands of Matki and The Shower Lab, we can create entire enclosures in gold and brass.

Bathroom Eleven - Gold Shower accents

From standard enclosures to bespoke creations, we can design the perfect gold effect shower for your beautiful new bathroom. With the potential for it to be a focal point of your room; the shower enclosure, whatever the shape or size, can be detailed with gold trim adding a luxurious and bespoke bathroom to fulfil the potential of your room and functionality required.


It’s often the smaller items that can be overlooked in bathrooms. You don’t want to be stuck with a chrome towel ring next to your glowing new golden brass-ware. Luckily, through our already aforementioned brands, we can achieve these smaller items in the exact same finish as your beautiful new taps and shower valves. Even your lights can be brought into the same colour scheme using our brands at Bathroom Eleven:

Bathroom Eleven - Gold Accessories

Radiators and Heating

The towel radiator is another item usually overlooked. However, this essential and practical piece of bathroom paraphernalia can help to accentuate your design. Our brands; Bisque and Zehnder offer many finishes from the usual chrome to bespoke finishes from anthracite to gold and brass. As well as a vast range of styles, which give us the opportunity to add the Midas touch to either classic, traditional or contemporary designs.

Bathroom Eleven - Midas touch radiators


The choices are endless when it comes to tiles. This is often the most worrisome part for our clients as tiles can completely change the feel of a design. There are two avenues of thought to consider when choosing the look. You can either accentuate the golden elements with further gold patterns within your tiles or add a contrast with the tiles and make those gold elements spark!

A trend we are seeing amongst our clients are the use of a more understated pattern and tone; this is often captured using marble. The notable feature with the range of tiles our suppliers at Porcelanosa and Minoli offer us, is the ability to offer two tones to the design table. We have the more traditional and widely known silver/grey character to marble. Or, add warmth to your wall coverings with a softer vein to the marble pattern. See below:

Marble tiles by Porcelanosa Minoli

The other option is to go bold and introduce definite elements of gold into a mosaic such as the striking Marvel range below:

Midas Touch Glod Fleck Hexagon marble tiles

The wonderful thing about this mosaic, is it can be used in classical designs due to its textures and tones. However, it sits just as comfortably in modern and contemporary designs too; due to its geometric patterns which offers the angled lines complementing the shapes available in modern styles.

Your final option, as mentioned earlier in this blog, is to go for contrast. A stark difference behind your gold taps, valves and shower enclosure etc, can make the gold pop adding that wow-factor that will enhance any bathroom design.

Gold taps with different colour scheme

The Midas Touch

If you’re looking to add the Midas touch to your bathroom – however big or small the space, get in touch with our Design team. We’ll take you through each step of the process at our luxury showroom and help you to achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

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