East meets West in Long Ditton

  • Location Thames Ditton
  • Timescale Weeks

Our clients wanted a cloakroom that was influenced by furniture acquired during their trips throughout Asia. Their hand painted vanity unit, became the inspiration for the design.

We paired the unit with a stunning maximalist countertop basin with designs inspired from Asia, by The London Basin Co. Creating a decadent centre piece for the room. Black luminous lume brick tile from Minoli, creates a dramatic backdrop, while creating a vintage feel. Nickel brassware and towel rail, also nod to a timeless vintage feel, as well as the traditional column radiator.

The pattern wallpaper, highlights the gold detail in the basin with an intricate East Asia inspired design. The addition of a gold frame mirror adds an opulent touch. Finishing off the design, basket weave floor tiles, with brandy tones, work effortlessly with the amber notes in the black tiles. Marrying the design and adding warmth.

This is East Asia meets the West, adding a kaleidoscope of sumptuous textures and colours, for an extraordinary cloakroom.

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The process

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Adam, Ben, Winston and Vasile are a spectacular team, from design to execution, communication was top notch and the results are breath-taking.
Design: We decided to do 3 bathrooms and a cloakroom all at once. We came with a reasonably strong sense of the style we wanted; spa-like zen spaces, wood-look, flat shower floors & then went more wild with the cloakroom...Adam was able to interpret these concepts and make them even better through clever design, choice of materials, practical thinking & design flair. Fundamentally, he has a great eye and is brilliant at building on nuggets of ideas and making them reality (only better!).

Execution: Ben led the execution team & the great thing is that Winston and Vasile are extremely competent with great attention to detail so you never felt like it was relying on one person being on site. The communication between the team was extremely good. Inevitably, things go wrong sometimes with suppliers, or you discover issues you didn't know about until you rip the walls apart; the team is great at finding solutions. I would go to any of these guys if I had another project, indeed we are already planning a kitchen re-build and will definitely use Bathroom Eleven when we do this.

I don't normally leave reviews, but I love the fact that we have this quality so local! Definitely can't recommend highly enough.

Alex - home owner - Long Ditton

This ornate basin complements the dark luminous tiles, while the colours stand out, creating an interesting feature in the maximalist cloakroom.

Bathroom & Kitchen Eleven - Family bathroom in Long Ditton

Pattern wallpaper lifts the dark tiles, while the nickel finish on the towel rail, adds a timeless feel to the design.

Bathroom & Kitchen Eleven - East Asia meets West

The lighter basket weave floor tiles creates a warming feel with honey brandy tones. Highlighting the dark tiles and furniture.

Bathroom & Kitchen Eleven - Maximalist cloakroom in Long Ditton
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