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Bathroom supply

Beautiful bathroom products supplied exactly to your design

Your great design deserves the best products to really make your bathroom work. With your budget in mind, we can match specific products to your plan and source them directly from the manufacturers.

Latest products

Your designer will have an in-depth knowledge of all the latest products on the market

Tried & trusted

We can make the right recommendations for your product choices based on real fitting experience

Dedicated delivery

Get your bathroom delivered at precise time that suits you, not within an 8-hour window!

Product support

Unparalleled product support should you have any niggles or questions about your products

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Experience the best brands

Centrally managed to avoid delays

Transferring your bathroom designs product list to our in-house logistics is seamless avoiding frustrating delays on the day.

One complete delivery

You won't have to make time to accommodate several deliveries - we'll send everything in one go

Managed by one company

No need to chase multiple orders from multiple companies: we'll handle it all for you

In-house logistics

Our in-house team is just a phone call away and they'll work with you to conquer any logistical issues which may arise with your order


All the pieces of your beautiful bathroom are delivered to our warehouse, where they're carefully double-checked before we deliver to you

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