A few questions you may have before making contact

Here you can find answers to the most common questions asked. Helping you to make quicker decisions on your bathroom. Enjoy.


  • Do you offer a design only service?

    We only offer a design service if we are supplying the products for your new bathroom.

  • Do you offer an installation only service if I supply my own products

    We only offer the installation service with products we have sourced ourselves and can vouch for their quality.

  • How long does the installation normally take?

    A project normally takes between 3 -4 weeks per bathroom. If there is more than one bathroom being done at the same time, it could range between 5-6 weeks.

  • What guarantee do you offer on products and installation?

    We offer a 2 year guarantee on the installation. The products that we supply all have their own guarantees depending on the manufacturer’s policy.

  • What are your lead times after placing an order?

    We recommend ordering 3-4 weeks prior to needing the products on site, but we have a wide range of products that are available on next day delivery in case of a tighter deadline.

  • When can my project start?

    When we are doing the installation work, we are available to start the work within 3 -4 weeks after the design and products are approved.

  • What should I expect in regard to waste disposal and care of my home during the work?

    We pride ourselves in taking excellent care of your home, from the beginning to the last day. Your floor surfaces, including wood, carpet and tile, will be protected. We’ll provide our own skips to deposit all the waste and take special care of driveways, gardens and any elements that could be affected to make sure that the process is as smooth and comfortable for you as possible.

  • How many days should we expect to be without access to toilets and showers?

    We will always leave a working WC at the end of the day. The shower is expected to be out of use for the first 2 weeks of the work.

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