Falling for Autumn Trends

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Bathroom Eleven - 3D CAD drawing Autumn trends

It’s that time of year when the nights are drawing in and there is a chill in the air. So, after a long day at work all we want to do is kick off our boots, throw off our coats, hats and scarves and delve into the warm embrace of home. And the bathroom is no exception. Today’s blog is about transforming your bathroom into an autumnal haven that you can hibernate in for hours on end.

As you can see from our previous blogs this year, bringing the ‘outdoors in’ is a trend that seems to be here to stay! Therefore, when it comes to Autumn, the colours outside evolve from luscious greens and blues to warm oranges, spicy reds and crisp yellows. The question is, how does this translate to your bathroom?



Throughout this year, we have seen the emergence of tones such as dusky pinks, berry reds and the ever-strong presence of various greys. The autumn colour trend doesn’t vary much from that pattern. We’ve created a design to capture the autumnal favourites; blending a deep mulled red metro tile with burnt orange walls. Which is picked up in the wallpaper and highlighted with a deep grey accent. The colours bring an embracing and enveloping effect to the room, along with a rich warmth which will have you soaking in the freestanding tub from Ashton Bentley for hours.

Bathroom Eleven - Pantone colours for Autumn



When using such a strong base colour as shown here, it’s worth bringing in relief with a pattern. In this design, we’ve kept to the outside-inside theme with our wallpaper. Merging the orange base colour and dark brown into a leafy pattern. This also adds depth onto the back wall when applied to the back of the recess against the red metro tiles. In addition to this pattern, I have brought in texture in the form of a wood-effect floor tile from Porcelanosa – Oxford Antracita. To accentuate the natural theme. These darker touches help to heighten the high-end and luxurious feel of these cosy enveloping colours.

3D Cad design of Autumnal bathroom



With an immersive environment created by this colour palette, it would be a shame to use chrome for the taps. As demonstrated here in my design, I’ve chosen the beautiful Citterio collection from Axor in a brushed red gold finish. This intensifies the warmth created in this design as opposed to the coolness of chrome. The addition of a chestnut wood frame structure around the basin area also adds a depth to the design which carries the texture from the floor up onto the walls. This accentuates the effect that the textures within the room are three dimensional. Elongating this structure, along with the recess above the WC and the heated towel radiator from Bisque, play into creating the story of this autumnal forest vibe.

Bathroom Eleven Mood board Autumn Colours


The Little Touches

Whether it’s a glass of mulled wine, candles or music – we all have our individual way of enhancing our relaxation when using the bathroom. The subtle touch that can help support your body and mind to escape the day, while turning your bathroom into the autumnal forest atmosphere you desire, is the aroma surrounding you. Whether it’s created by scented candles or simply a generous splash of bubble bath. Here’s a few top tips for finding those tantalising scents to add to your bathing experience.

Now, the idea here is to seek out some of these ingredients. Some of the best scents are more obvious; Cinnamon, Allspice and Ginger. These are the ones that you’d inhale deeply then let out a relaxing measured breath. The hot, spicy and earthy notes conjuring up instant memories of Halloween and bonfire nights of days gone by, with nights around an open fire or with a sparkler in hand. Moreover, the muskiness of Black Pepper, the softness of Vanilla and the freshness of Orange will also add that Autumnal flavour. However, if you really want to accentuate the natural vibes in your bathroom, why not look out for aromas that include Pine or Cedar-wood to bring the outdoors in? Take a look at dóTERRA‘s range of natural scents for further inspiration and the benefits of each scent.

Autumn decoration

If you’re looking for an effortless way to transform your bathroom into a cosy retreat, then call us or start your Design Brief and let our Designers help you turn your bathroom into an autumnal hideaway. We can help you start transforming your bathroom and, like us, you’ll soon be falling for these autumn colours.

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