Monochrome Cloakroom in Kingston

  • Location Kingston-upon-Thames
  • Timescale 4 weeks

We created a statement cloakroom using a monochrome theme to bring this tired and closed in room up to date. By taking out the wood panelling we opened up this small cloakroom. White metro tiles instantly create a bright airy look while the black painted walls and black multi cylinder radiator by Zehnder add drama and contrast. The black and white pattern tiled floor tie this look together. Contact us to discuss updating your cloakroom project.

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The process

  • before

  • 3d

  • after

To give the room an elegant statement look, we opted for a black radiator from Zehnder to stand out from the white tiled wall. Along with the pattern floor tiles the monochrome look stands out and makes an impact. The style of the radiator and choice of patterned tiles add a timeless look.

close up of zehnder radiator

By building out the wall we were able to add an extra shelf to decorate the room while adding storage in a way of the two door mirror cabinet within the recess. This allows for the shallow wall-hung basin to be used without having a cupboard close to the face, creating a sense of space.  The room feels bigger as the wall hung basin unit allows more of the floor to be visible; tricking the brain into thinking there is more floor space.

Bloom Cloakroom

We added a mirror over the WC to allow natural light to reflect and bounce around the room from the small window. To further add contrast a black WC seat and lid were used against the white ceramic WC. The half white metro tiled wall adds a fabulous contrast to the black painted wall.

Monochrome cloakroom
Light bulb icon white