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Copper and Teal Family Bathroom in Surbiton

  • Location Surbiton, Surrey
  • Timescale 3.5 weeks

Our client was looking for a contemporary take on a traditional bathroom, with a very simple look and statement colours to shine through. Here is where the idea of using an orange & teal came to life; with a copper effect bath against a deep rich teal in the background to make it stand out. The client very much fancied having the opportunity to completely relax in her bath so this needed to be the central part of the bathroom. The layout was reconfigured to incorporate a bigger shower enclosure and allow a free-standing bath whilst also creating more floor space.

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The process

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The mix of Oranges and Blues dates way back, but the most contemporary take recently is beautiful copper finishes and teal, this gave the room the modern colourful twist that we needed.

Bathroom Eleven - Copper & Teal Panel Bathroom

We created a perfect focal point in the space with a centred bath at the end of the room.

Bathroom Eleven - Turquoise and Copper Panel bathroom in Ockham

Lighting needed to be minimal but effective; hence spot lights with the addition of wall lights adding a subtle glow over the bath creating a calming ambience when relaxing in the bath.

Bathroom Eleven - Copper & Teal Panel Bathroom
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