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Contemporary Style Mosaic Family Bathroom in Surbiton

  • Location Surbiton, Surrey
  • Timescale 3 weeks

Our client desperately needed an update of their family bathroom. The layout of the old room worked but since this was a room without any windows it felt claustrophobic and it lacked any inviting features to have a relaxing bath. The Client wanted a contemporary look but at the same time a style that would remain timeless with a variety of greys and white in the colour scheme. Our designer’s idea was then to use the lack of natural light to our advantage and embrace a moodier look with a darker deeper grey coloured wall and floor, with natural looking materials such as stone tiles on the walls to soften the look. A recess featuring mosaics are enhanced with the use of downlights to pick out the different colours.

Categories: Design, Installation, Supply

The process

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  • after

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The mosaic feature behind the bath creates an accent feature in the room and an element of light and relaxation when taking a bath.

Bathroom Eleven - Black Mosaic

The light features create a bit of drama and give the illusion of layers in the room even though the shape hasn’t really changed.

Bathroom Eleven - Black Mosaic

The large mirror above the basin was specifically designed to meet the wall and create the illusion of more space by reflecting the tiles, lights and mosaics behind the bath whatever the angle it is seen from.

Bathroom Eleven - Black Mosaic
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