For industry experts

When building industry experts need great bathrooms

You don’t need another headache, which is why we created our Industry Experts bathroom service. Our team is on hand to help your business as follows.

Design resource

Our professional designers’ knowledge, combined with state of the art 3D visuals and our design studio, serves to meet the professional image you want to portray to your customers. While providing them with the best design experience.

Reputable supplier

As a business we understand the importance of having a reliable supplier. Therefore, we want to support your business and take care of all aspects of ordering and delivery. Allowing you to focus on other areas of your project.

Partners' Rates

We want to build a lasting relationship with all of our partners. One where you will be benefiting from a friendly trader’s discount, design time and an excellent supply service.

How can we help you?

Interior designers and architects

We're here to help when the bathroom in your project requires dedicated design and expertise that you don't have the time to deliver.

Builders and bathroom fitters

Our trade discounts along with excellent ordering and delivery systems will really benefit both you and your client.

Complete bathroom solution

Bathroom Design

Unique bathroom designs you won't get anywhere else

see bathroom design

Bathroom Supply

Beautiful bathroom products supplied exactly to your design

see bathroom supply

Bathroom Installation

Your bathroom brought to life by our expert installation team

see bathroom installation
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Want a free design brief? Start by getting a call back from one of our fabulous designers to discuss your needs. Then, come in for your free 90 minute design consultation.

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