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B11 quality management system

Making sure your bathroom is exceptional every step of the way

You chose us to create your ultimate relaxing space and thats because we guarantee exceptional quality using quality checkpoints.

Introducing the B11 checkpoints quality system

Built up over 6 years of understanding where issues can creep in and what to monitor in terms of communication and workmanship, our B11 system will deliver a stunning finish.

We ensure that your project is double- and triple-checked by implementing checkpoints where it counts.

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    1. Design Brief Consultation

    60-90 minutes of dedicated time with one of our first class designers to specify your requirements and preferences.

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    2. 3D Proposal & Quotation Presentation

    Our designers will be able to discuss in detail the prepared proposal for your new bathroom along with detailed quotations for all the products and installation estimates.

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    3. Final Design Sign off Consultation

    Following the preliminary design meetings, during this last consultation with your designer we will be able to double check any design and products details before we confirm the order.

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    4. Order Confirmation

    Before we order and deliver any of the goods on site, we would double check your order to make sure everything runs smoothly during installation.

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    5. Delivery

    After placing the orders for every single item, we will receive delivery to our warehouse where we double check items one more time to make sure all products are in good condition and in the right packaging. Then we just need a date and time that suits you to deliver all of your items.

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    6. Project Start Date

    On the first day, we dedicate time to ensure that your home is protected, including the driveway, carpets, and anything that is important to you to make sure that the installation of your new bathroom is as discreet as it can be.

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    7. On-site Designer’s Visit

    After any demolition is done, your designer will come to the site to run through the design one more time with your fitter and to check any aspects of the design that might need adjustment after stripping out the walls.

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    8. Installation Checkups

    Your fitter’s vast experience guarantees the best technical solutions and the best finishes available, but as project managers, we'll make random onsite checkups to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as it should.

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    9. Decorating and Finishing

    Arguably the most important part of the project after the technical quality is covered; at this stage the quality of the tiling, grouting, silicone and paint is what makes or break the final look in your bathroom and we make sure we dedicate the time that it deserves.

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    10. Client’s approval for Completion

    Before signing off on the final invoice we offer you time to enjoy your bathroom and welcome you to let us know any final touches you need us to address to guarantee that you are 100% happy with the final product.

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    11. Designer Final Visit

    Your dedicated designer will make one final visit to provide you with a Finishing Pack for your new bathroom that we kindly arrange for you, hear your important feedback, and say goodbyes until your next project.

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