10 DIY Bathroom Decoration Ideas on a Budget

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There are many benefits to a fresh, stylish interior in your bathroom. It leaves you feeling refreshed and energized after every shower or evening routine of brushing your teeth. However, not everyone can afford luxury homes. Luckily there are always ways around it when looking for budget-friendly decor ideas

The best way to create a beautiful-looking home is by thinking outside of traditional decorating rules – don’t be afraid to mix styles or colour schemes that typically wouldn’t mesh well together. Trust us; it may look messy at first glance but with our expert tips, even pairing pastels and metallics will work wonders for giving any bathroom its unique character while staying within your means financially.

Designing your bathroom on a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Our team of experts know just how to save some dough and still bring in the bling, so you can have an amazing space without breaking the bank. In this article, we have compiled some tried and tested DIY ideas for doing just that, read on to learn more.

1) Classy-looking rustic wooden storage ladders

Wood has been used in design for centuries, lending warmth and creating a natural ambience. Rustic wood is cheaper than many other materials when it comes to bathroom design. A rustic, natural feel can be brought to your bathroom with the use of wooden decor. Put a bench in front of the tub or by the sink for an inviting place to relax and unwind after a long day at work; add shelves onto one wall for towels and toiletries that will look great next to reclaimed wood shelving units, which are perfect if you want something inexpensive but distinctive. That brings us to our unique DIY idea: A rustic wooden storage ladder.

The ladder made with weathered wood adds rustic charm to a bathroom that is usually bare.
A wooden ladder that looks like it has seen its fair share of wear and tear can be a charming addition to your bathroom. The best part about this DIY hack is the budget-friendly aspect because you don’t have to worry too much about damaging or scratching anything in here. Adding extra rungs for towel bars if you’re into displaying towels all over will also come in handy when guests are staying with you, as well as adding shelves and baskets for more storage space on top of what’s already there from the start.

Simple DIY ideas such as this one are easy and fun ways to add extra storage for your home’s smallest room, while also giving it some personality.

2) Farmhouse Floating Shelves are just perfect

If you’re looking to add some charm but don’t want the hassle of painting your bathroom walls or installing wallpaper on them yourself, there are other options available: farmhouse floating shelves! Not only do they provide useful storage space in small spaces like a cramped hall closet when used as shelving units (which function doubly well by providing decorative displays), these shelf brackets can be made at home with wood and metal hardware from any local store. This means no costly hours spent shopping around town just to find an appropriate piece of furniture – all it takes is creativity paired with elbow grease.

Of course, when it comes to bathroom storage solutions, there are plenty of options out there. You could get a shelving system that is pre-made and ready for installation or you can take matters into your own hands by assembling the shelves yourself using inexpensive brackets from the hardware store. The most important thing is making sure those metal pieces match in style with everything else in your bath – this way they won’t be an eyesore but instead become part of the design scheme.

3) Light it up Farmhouse style with Blue Bathroom Cabinets

Bring the warmth of a farmhouse style into your bathroom by painting it with some colour. Painting cabinets and other furnishings can brighten them up, making everything seem less drab. Add more touches of that same warm hue from throw rugs, shower curtains or towels to draw attention away from bland coloured cupboards and fixtures!

You want the colour of your bathroom cabinet to complement and contrast with everything else in the room. You also need them all to be in tune together as well. When painting your cabinet, it’s imperative that they coordinate nicely with each other so there are no jarring contrasts between pieces within the same room space.

The perfect finish to your front door is a set of easy-to-install hardware. It not only enhances the look but also makes opening and closing much easier. You couldn’t be more careful about your choice of hardware for your cabinets. Ideally you want to choose something that really coordinates with the blue colour scheme of your bathroom cabinets. How do Black Kitchen Cabinet Handles sound? They should do the trick just fine.

4) Hanging Flower Pot Wall Art will never go out of style

Have you ever noticed how certain projects just make you feel so accomplished? You feel a sense of satisfaction when working on something that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. That’s just how you will feel when you’re done creating hanging flower pot wall art for your bathroom.The idea of storing items in cups or jars isn’t new, but you need something a little more modern looking that will still get the job done. Thankfully with some copper cups without handles, you can create your own Hanging Flower Pot Wall Art.

Now, attaching canning jars to a board with string and copper cups to hold small items is not just for country folk. To add sophistication, simply hang the jar-board on your wall by using metal hooks or nails that won’t harm the surface beneath it. The resulting look will be modern while also adding charm to your bathroom.

5) Rustic elegance of wood-framed bathroom mirrors

Are you worried about how little your builder-grade bathroom mirrors offer to elevate the look of your personal space? Yes, a plain mirror can be a bore, but we have the solution in the rustic elegance of a wood-framed mirror. And of course, some of the decorative tiling available in the market can be quite expensive, especially depending on the size of your bathroom mirror. That’s why we recommend getting a classy wood frame for your bathroom mirrors. It’s a quick and easy DIY bathroom idea that will elevate the look of your mirrors.

Weathered Barnwood frames are great because they’re affordable and easily available where most people find reclaimed items or at home improvement stores with pre-treated pieces. Building a mirror frame for your bathroom can be as easy as glueing it to the top of an unpainted, builder-grade, frameless mirror. The project is surprisingly inexpensive and will make any small space feel more like home. More importantly, the old builder-grade mirror in your bathroom can be upgraded with just an afternoon of work. This DIY project will give the space a whole new feel and look for you to enjoy every day.

6) Spray paint your bathroom fixtures to perfection

You don’t have to buy expensive new bath fixtures; just invest in the paint from your local hardware store and tarpaulin for when you need protection against drips. Use painter’s tape along with this homemade wax paper as makeshift masking material on areas where paint shouldn’t touch. Understandably, not everyone would be in the mood to spend a lot of money on spray, especially after they’ve splashed on some fixtures. However, dressing up standard, builder-look bathroom fixtures doesn’t have to be expensive. Spray paint can transform a drab space into an eye-catching work of art.

Now, neatly spray painting your bathroom’s fixtures is an affordable way to add some flair and personality. But before you go about this do-it-yourself project, make sure to read up on all the details so that you don’t end up in a bummer situation. You may be tempted to cut corners when it comes time to paint your fixtures, but there’s a lot that goes into making sure you’re getting the best outcome. You need good ventilation and safety gear before you even think about spraying any of this on. But it’s certainly worth it and with some well-researched planning you can pull it off just fine.

7) Install rustic wood accent wall in your bathroom

You may have seen these new trends popping up, but did you know about plank walls and how popular they are nowadays? In fact, When you look around your bathroom, do you see any builder grade products? If so, then it’s time to give them a refresh. Installing plank walls in the bathroom is one of many projects that can be done without hiring an interior designer. While a lot of bathroom designs rely on modern, minimalistic furniture and features, this DIY idea creates more storage in an underutilized area by using weathered barn wood.

Add some rustic style to your space with this DIY idea. The focal point in the bathroom is a weathered barn wood and that creates an intimate feeling, not just because of its placement but also due to how it’s aged over time. It gives off the appearance of being old without having any real age on it at all! This simple addition will truly make for a unique room design as you’ll have something no one else has ever seen before. Give your bathroom a creative, rustic feel with this DIY idea.

8) Customise your wood Pallet Bathroom Towel Rack

The modern bathroom should be a space that is both functional and beautiful. But it’s not always easy to create the perfect balance of clean lines, natural light, and decorative touches like this weathered wood wall decor which adds just enough character without being overwhelming in your most personal area. Luckily for you, there are plenty of DIY towel racks made from inexpensive reclaimed items such as old doors or pallets, so all you need now is an idea. One of the newest trends in home decor is to create a unique look with reclaimed and weathered items. This old wood wall accent adds character while being easy on your budget.

This DIY towel rack, made from reclaimed items and weathered wood is perfect for bringing a rustic feel to your bathroom. Not only does it provide an attractive focal point, but you can have more character than what would be provided by the most convenient options like the traditional decorative towel bar. These ideas are all about making something that’s already in your home stand out with just a bit of creativity.

9) Add that personal touch with a Wooden Bathtub Caddy

Your bathroom can be transformed into a personal retreat with just the addition of one little detail- a wooden tub caddy. Tub caddies are another utilitarian item that can be transformed into a decorative masterpiece. Tub caddies are a perfect place to add personal style with DIY bathroom ideas. You can make your tub caddy look rustic or more polished depending on the mood you’re trying to set in your space, and no matter what kind of wood you use for the project, there will be plenty of room inside it for all those little things that accumulate around our bath time routine- shampoo bottles, soap bars, conditioner tubes.

You’ll find that there are so many different ways you can customize and pick out a design to match any style or look – whether it be weathered-look wood with unique markings from nature, or more finished looking smooth wooden pieces. You have a variety of ways to spruce up your home, and it’s important that you don’t neglect the most private room in the house. With some creativity and a little bit of do-it-yourself spirit, even something as utilitarian as a tub caddy can become an attractive feature for your bathroom.

10) Spruce it up with a Mason Jar Bathroom Light Fixture

You don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy lighting fixtures in order for your bathroom to look good. You can just buy some paint and change the lights from shiny silver, modern globes into something more vintage, like bronze metallic or even painting them black with white polka dots! When you’re done changing out those old globe-style bulbs, then why not go all out by pulling off one of the easiest DIYs – using an inexpensive jar as a light fixture? It’ll show off your creative side while also giving it that homey feel we love so much about our bathrooms at night time.

Yes, it’s time to help your home have some personality. Most of us are currently stuck with builder-grade basic materials and frankly, they’re starting to get boring. This little mason jar technique shows you how making a few small changes to light fixtures can make your bathroom feel warm and welcoming. All you have to do is change out those boring globes with jars or any other interesting items from around the house for that matter- inexpensive DIY projects like this one add more character than you might expect them to.


A clean and well-decorated bathroom is a calming space that can offer refuge from the hectic outside world. With just some creativity and initiative, you will be able to realise the bathroom of your dreams. If you ever feel like your idea is running dry, look no further than the DIY ideas on this list. With our bathroom experts’ help, we’ve scoured all of the archives to bring you some of the finest ideas you can immediately put to use.

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